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Neuro-ID CEO, Jack Alton, interviewed on The Interchange at Bond Podcast

September 9, 2021

Jack Alton, Chief Executive Officer at Neuro-ID, was the guest at The Interchange at Bond podcast, where he shared his clear mission to unlock the world's behavioral data. 

Hosted by Zach Anderson Pettet , they discussed how behavioral data is a keystone to the future of financial inclusion and financial services in general. 


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Neuro-ID's Jack Alton Featured in Podcast, "For Fintech's Sake"

May 6, 2021

"For Fintech’s Sake" is a broad look at the world of fintech. Host, Zach Anderson Pettet, explores the stories at the intersection of finance and technology from the perspectives of Founders, Investors, and Incumbents.

Jack Alton, our CEO, was last week’s guest on, “For Fintech’s Sake,” where he discussed how Neuro-ID unlocks behavioral data to help identify genuine vs. fraudulent customers. He explained how Neuro-ID helps organizations leverage the behavioral data of their customers to reveal the Digital Intent behind the screen. 

for fintech's sake podcast

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Podcast 262: Jack Alton with Peter Renton of LendIt Fintech

The CEO of Neuro-ID talks fraud, friction and customer journeys and why most online lenders are still flying blind

August 28, 2020

Or, listen to the podcast here:

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How scientific research and discovery is the backbone of Neuro-ID
  • What is wrong with online customer journeys today.
  • Why they decided to focus on online lending as their first vertical to target.
  • Why it is critical to get real time insight into how consumers enter data into a form.
  • What the ID in Neuro-ID actually means. How they can easily detect a bot versus a human.
  • What their Friction Index Dashboard is and how they scientifically measure friction.
  • Some examples of how much fraud can be eliminated when implementing Neuro-ID.
  • Examples of how much conversions have improved at some online lenders.
  • The types of lenders they are working with today.
  • The amazing retention rate they have with their online lending customers.
  • How quickly lenders can implement their code into production.
  • The biggest objection they come across when selling their products.
  • How they are protecting their intellectual property.
  • What they are working on in the next 12-18 months.

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