Catch Unseen Fraud Faster Without Adding Friction.

Give your trustworthy users a seamless experience, while stopping risky users at your front door. NeuroID’s next-gen behavioral analytics, combined with device and network intelligence, detects the invisible markers left by your users’ data entry behavior, device, and network. This enables you to stop fraud faster at login, account management, and transaction stages, all without adding friction.

Stop Fraudsters Before They Strike

Fast Track Onboarding for Trustworthy Applicants

Use behavior-based dynamic workflows to give low-risk users a seamless experience, while high-risk users are identified in as few as two fields at onboarding. NeuroID advanced behavioral, device, and network intelligence gives you the confidence to siphon risky users off to auto-declines. Meanwhile, low-risk users who show no signs of behavioral, device, or network risk can reduce additional, cumbersome steps like 2FA or expensive fraud controls.

Reduce Circumvention of Doc Verification and Biometrics by Deepfakes

With deepfakes and genAI compromising document verification, early detection of advanced fraudsters is critical. NeuroID Behavioral analytics with device and network intelligence detect even the most subtle fraud, including AI-developed bots, before reaching expensive PII checks and document verification.

Prevent Account Takeover

Easily detect account takeover attempts. NeuroID checks device history (used in the past 10 logins), network consistency (same geolocation), and behavior patterns (data entry consistency). This three-tiered recognition is critical to stopping malicious fraudsters from taking over your customers’ accounts.

Reduce Friction and Cost at Transactions for Trustworthy Users

Increase confidence in user trustworthiness, so you can reduce step-up authentication for reliable users and offer them a faster, friction-free experience. As users enter personal and payment information, NeuroID detects their familiarity with the data to decide if the transaction should be accepted, reviewed, or prevented.

NeuroID is Trusted by Top 30 Banks and Cutting-Edge Challenger Banks

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Don’t Fall Behind the Fraudsters.

Integrate frictionless behavioral fraud intelligence that protects your entire user lifecycle, from a partner who understands your needs.