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What We Do

NeuroID uses behavioral analytics to determine whether an applicant is genuine or risky, based on how familiar the applicant is with the data that they are entering or interacting with. Our proprietary process enables deep visibility into digital interactions without collecting any personal data.

How We Do It

Our patented, neuroscience-based behavioral analytics reconnect critical human behavioral elements that have been lost in our transition to a digital world. We leverage nearly a decade of scientific research and discovery, combined with our collection of more than one hundred billion real-time behavioral metrics to translate what we call the ‘digital body language’ (taps, types, and swipes) exhibited during an online interaction into a suite of actionable real-time scores that tell you if an applicant is risky or safe.

NeuroID provides software as a service (SAAS) services featuring software for data collection, data management, data analytics, and data visualization; Software as a service (SAAS) services featuring software for use in collecting, managing and analyzing data relating to online forms, applications and/or questionnaires.

Hard-Working Humans in A Digital World

Yes, we’re excited about our technology and our customers, but it’s the rolling up of sleeves, working on common goals, and experimenting with new ideas on a great team that makes it easy to come to work every day. Not a day goes by without a round of high fives, a great post on the internal “Win-Wire” a pat on the back, or on big days, someone busting out a worm across the floor.

Our Values

Business is personal

We care. We work with people, not entities.


To each other. To the customer. To the data.

Enjoy the journey

We celebrate the wins along the way.

Never settle

We find a way to accomplish the task at hand.

Love and amaze

Our Customers.

Human-to-Human & Passion-to-Product

We are pioneering the behavioral analytics space, providing a new standard for collecting, translating, and actioning on the real-time behaviors of digital interactions. Through a body of patented technology, NeuroID uses real-time behavioral data to segment genuine from fraudulent customers during the onboarding process, enabling our customers to maximize conversion, reduce false positives, and stop fraud and fraud rings. We are passionate about building the best technology, honing the best teams, and creating the best company in the fraud prevention industry.

Headquartered in Whitefish, Montana, we have satellite offices in basements, rec rooms, and dens around the world (aka, we hire based on talent, not location!). We value and empower our employees to work where they live, not live where they work.

NeuroID’s founders, Dr. Jeff Jenkins and Dr. Joe Valacich, are the foremost cited thought leaders in the space and have more than 30,000 Google Scholar Citations between the two of them. While they have non-traditional backgrounds when compared to their fellow tech founders, they represent innovation in its purest form by finding new ways to unlock neuroscience insights. Their spirit of innovation is celebrated across NeuroID still today, as we grow with amazing teams and field experts who are spread across the world!

We get excited over DATA! When an algorithmic model performs well, we celebrate the brains behind it, too. NeuroID strives to be a perfect convergence of passion, people, and product. We certainly mean business, but it’s the human engine (and powerful servers) that run NeuroID. We welcome and value everyone and celebrate the unique diversity we all bring to the table in this slice of life we call “work.”

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