Improve Customer Confidence. Ensure Compliance. Reduce Fraud.

NeuroID provides cutting-edge fraud prevention that enhances customer confidence and compliance, even as those standards evolve. With device and network intelligence, the NeuroID solution detects those invisible behavior trails so you can stop fraud faster and prevent credit card chargebacks, promo abuse, and more.

Build Trust and Loyalty With Your Customers

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Create a frictionless checkout experience for genuine customers while deterring fraudsters. Using NeuroID, you can create custom workflows that are based on high and low risk signals.

Prevent Account Takeover

NeuroID’s triangulated approach looks for user recognition based on the device, network, and behavior. This three-tiered approach helps you easily stop account takeover attempts, faster.

Stop Return Fraud

Fraudsters attempting return fraud will often use the same device and network. Using NeuroID, you can connect repeat fraud from different accounts to a single fraudster. Once identified, you can block these customers’ devices from future attempts.

Reduce Friction and Fraud Prevention Overhead at Checkout

By increasing your confidence in which customers are trustworthy and which users are risky, you can reduce step-up authentication for trustworthy users at transactions, giving them a faster and less costly experience.

Customers enter personal and payment information as they attempt to checkout. NeuroID detects their familiarity with the provided data to determine if the purchase should be prevented, reviewed, or accepted.

NeuroID Behavioral Analytics Deliver Unmatched Results

Industry leaders use NeuroID to protect their revenue, minimize user friction, and reduce their costs.

Jovia achieved a 35% reduction in daily fraud applicants and refined their fraud prevention for nationwide growth.

Elevate’s gained in-depth visibility into crowd-level behavior, so they could see, segment, and react in real-time to spikes in fraud ring applicants, bot applicants, and other bad actors.

Addi closed out multiple fraud vectors entirely and improved decisioning for reduced costs of reviews and more accurate rejection at top-of-funnel.

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Don’t Fall Behind the Fraudsters.

Integrate frictionless behavioral fraud intelligence that protects your entire user lifecycle, from a partner who understands your needs.