Account Defense

Protect Your Customers Across Login, Account Management, & Transaction

Types of Fraud We Stop

  • Scripting Attacks
  • Account Takeover 
  • Scams and Coercion
  • Compromised Card or Bank Account Payments
  • Money Mules

How We’ve Helped Financial Organizations

$1.2M a year savings
through accurate
fraud detection and
operational efficiencies

4% reduction in
manual reviews

150K dormant
fraudster accounts

30% of users identified
for bypass of
additional data pulls

Proven Results Across Top Organizations

Industry leaders use NeuroID to protect their platforms, minimize user friction, and reduce their costs.

How We Do It

NeuroID looks for a lack of familiarity with the provided data, along with device and behavioral profile matching, to help ensure the correct user accesses their account. 

Our signals can distinguish between legitimate users and fraudsters, even when legitimate (but stolen) credentials are used by the attacker. This approach ensures that only authorized users gain access, make changes, and transact, enhancing security without compromising user experience. Our signals help you decide when to step up or outright reject access anywhere that users interact across your site.

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