Identity decisions ignore humans.

In a digital world, human interactions have been replaced with data, resulting in uninformed business decisions.

Lead with Behavior

Monitor the Crowd.

Detect fraud rings and bot attacks.

Improve Orchestration.

Inform ID verification with behavior.


Identity insights that don’t use PII.

No Borders.

Behavior works across the globe.

Behavior sees identity that data can’t.

“It’s a game-changer in terms of mitigating risk while enabling the clients you want through your process.”

Brian Bender SVP Strategic Alliances Alloy

“Our fraud detection system has become more efficient and more targeted because of NeuroID.”

Nitesh Harsh Sr. Manager of Risk Portfolios Cortex

“NeuroID enables us to acquire customers that may not have any credit history and truly serve the customers out there that need us the most.”

Martin Masik Head of Credit ADDI

How information is entered tells more than the identity data itself.

For real customers, form entry is straightforward. Your digital behavior tells us when you know your ‘should-know’ data. To improve identity decisioning, NeuroID has monitored hundreds of millions of customer journeys, delivering insight you do not have today.

See fraud faster

Inform identity before applicants even press ‘submit’.

See authentic behavior

Give genuine customers a smoother journey and watch those conversion rates climb.

Improve OpEx.

Don’t drive away genuine customers. Don’t pay for what you don’t need. Behavior reduces identity verification costs and increases conversion.

Better identity decisions serve conversion, fraud and finance teams equally.

Earlier identification during onboarding improves fraud outcomes, growth outcomes and profitability.


higher conversion rate on fast-track applicants

For growth leaders who want to improve customer acquisition while reducing costs.


of verified fraud seen faster with behavior

For finance leaders who want to reduce costs related to digital onboarding.


saved on average per fraud ring detected with behavior

For fraud leaders who want to reduce costs related to digital onboarding.

Getting Started

Add valuable behavioral intelligence without draining your internal resources.

NeuroID has the fastest integration of any behavior analytics provider.

STEP 1: Install a simple Javascript or Mobile SDK on the forms you want to measure.

STEP 2: See crowd-level and applicant-level behavior on Day 1 of installation.

STEP 3: Configure the NeuroID API for real-time, pre-submit decisioning.

Head of Product

Personal auto

You’re always skeptical when a vendor tells you how easy they are to implement. But I’ll tell you in this case, this was absolutely true.”


Average total fraud reduction


Average fraud stack efficiency gain


Chance of great service

Translate Human Behavior to Inform Better Decisions