Unlocking the World's Behavioral Data

Neuro-ID's Friction Index® Platform locates, measures and monitors fraud and friction in every customer journey at scale, by cluster or in a single session with no PII.
Kill friction, reduce fraud and maximize conversion today.


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Identify Genuine vs Fraudulent Behavior

Too many customers are being thrown into the fraud bucket. Neuro-ID helps segment good customer behavior vs bad (fraudulent) behavior to optimize fraud systems and increase conversion of genuine customers.

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Aha! Moments Everyday

Uncover meaningful customer behaviors through Neuro-ID's Friction Index® Platform, with crowd analysis, behavioral clustering and Session Snapshot™. From the macro level down to contextually specific user sessions, these eye-opening discoveries fuel data-driven action for product, CX, and fraud teams.

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Quickly Reveal Your CX Pain Points

Neuro-ID's Friction Index® Platform shows exactly where customers are abandoning and why. Reduce friction at the root cause to help customers complete their journey and increase conversion, from day one.

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One Simple Integration, Multiple Solutions

From day-one, Neuro-ID's behavioral analytics provides the critical intelligence you've been missing – the true intent and experience of every digital customer...at scale.

experience iconExperience (CX)

"Are you having a good experience?"
      • Uncover and eliminate friction
      • Reduce abandonment
      • Increase conversion

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fraud iconFraud

"Are you who you say you are?"
      • Highlight genuine vs fraudulent customers
      • Reduce false positives
      • Combat social engineering

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It's All About the Data, Actionable Data

Make better decisions with better data – high-fidelity behavioral data. Visualized through the Friction Index® Platform and delivered through a real-time API, Neuro-ID provides a behavioral lens and the tools to make decisioning more accurate, efficient, and effective than ever.

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This is the new wave of digging into fraud.
Top 5 US Bank
Immediately after seeing the Friction Index® demo, I went to my CEO and Head of IT and said, "You guys have to see this."
Head of Product
Neuro-ID's Friction Index® has reduced historical fraud losses by 35%!
Chief Risk Officer - Intuit Quickbooks
We've been able to 2X our conversion rate without increasing bad debt!
Chief Risk Officer
Wow, I'm speechless. The Friction Index® is opening a whole new dimension of data that we need. For the first time I can behaviorally segment customers as genuine or risky.
Head of Credit

What Is Behavioral Analytics?

Anytime a customer or prospect taps, types, or swipes information into an online application they are creating data through their behavior. This 'digital body language' can be used to determine legitimate or nefarious intent.

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Neuro-ID is dedicated to helping you:

  • Detect genuine vs fraudulent customers
  • Reduce friction and abandonment
  • Increase sales conversions