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Earlier this year, we made some predictions, highlighted emerging trends, and told you some patterns to watch for. Now, as the school year ends and kids are getting their report cards, it’s our turn to grade ourselves. Did we ace fraud analysis? Did we flunk our fraud insights? And what trends are shaping the rest of 2024?

Key findings from our in-depth analysis: Building from real customers and real bot attack data, we unraveled alarming trends not just in bot attacks but also in onboarding friction. For example, in one scenario we saw how fraud-prevention friction actually led to more bots onboarding than genuine users.

Our use case report on the threat of bots and why they’re especially damaging in scale and strategy: in early 2023, over a mere four-month period, 53% of NeuroID customers had an attempted bot attack. But what happens when genAI amplifies this threat? And what can you do to stay a step ahead?

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