Account Onboarding

Secure Your Signup, Whether It’s 2 Fields or 200

Types of Fraud We Stop

  • Stolen/Phished IDs
  • Synthetic and Fabricated IDs
  • Promotion Abuse via fraud rings and bot attacks

Results We’ve Provided Clients

  • Reduced auto-approved fraud by 62% for a Top 5 Bank
  • Fraud ring attack detection reduced from 4 days to 1 hour for a Top 5 Bank
  • Reduced verification time by half for 60% of users for digital lender Addi

Proven Results Across Top Organizations

Industry leaders use NeuroID to protect their platforms, minimize user friction, and reduce their costs.

Jovia achieved a 35% reduction in daily fraud applicants and refined their fraud prevention for nationwide growth.

Elevate’s visibility into crowd-level behavior enabled them to see, segment, and be alerted to spikes in fraud ring applicants, bot applicants, and other bad actors.

Addi closed out several fraud vectors entirely, and improved decisioning for reduced costs of reviews and more accurate rejection at top-of-funnel.

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