Deliver a Fraud-Free Gaming Experience

Maximize revenue and minimize fraud without compromising your players’ experience. Enhanced with device and network intelligence, the NeuroID solution detects invisible behavior trails so you can stop fraud faster and protect players from scams, bots, and stolen information.

Build Trust and Loyalty With Your Players

Prevent Bad Actor Sign-Up, Including Bots

Don’t let fraudsters sneak in under large sign-up volumes. Using behavioral analytics, detect minute signs of fraud in as little as 2 fields to ensure bad actors aren’t let into your player ecosystem.

Reduce Sign-Up Friction for Trustworthy Players

CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA frustrate players and are ineffective against bots and human fraudsters. Instead, use discrete fraud checks to quickly identify bots—even the most sophisticated, next-generation ones—and stop them rather than slow down trustworthy users.

Prevent In-Game Scams

Fraudsters ruin the fun for players and are difficult to stop. By understanding user behavioral signals, you can identify common fraud patterns and stop fraudsters. We’ll even help you find dormant fraudsters or active nuisances already in your platform, but flying below the radar.

Protect Against Fraudulent In-Game Purchases

Reduce step-up authentication for trustworthy players at in-game purchases, giving them a faster and less costly experience. Players enter personal and payment information as they attempt to complete a purchase. Then, NeuroID detects their familiarity with the provided data to determine if the purchase should be prevented, reviewed, or accepted.

Industry leaders use NeuroID to protect their platforms, minimize user friction, and reduce their costs.

Jovia achieved a 35% reduction in daily fraud applicants and refined their fraud prevention for nationwide growth.

Elevate gained in-depth visibility into crowd-level behavior, so they could see, segment, and react in real-time to spikes in fraud ring applicants, bot applicants, and other bad actors.

Addi closed out multiple fraud vectors entirely and improved decisioning for reduced costs of reviews and more accurate rejection at top-of-funnel.

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Don’t Fall Behind the Fraudsters.

Integrate frictionless behavioral fraud intelligence that protects your entire user lifecycle, from a partner who understands your needs.