Emerging Trends in Fraud: Application Spikes

Emerging Trends in Fraud | Edition 1

The Long-Term Damage of Short-Term Fraud Attacks

Insights from the Frontline of Fraud

Over a five-month span, NeuroID closely tracked the 150+ fraud attack attempts perpetrated against 17 different customers. We analyzed the attack frequency and fraud-style, the strategy and speed, even the duration and potential damage. What we ended up with were in-depth insights from the frontline of fraud that are impossible to find anywhere else.

This is the first in our new Emerging Trends in Fraud Attacks series of reports, which are focused on understanding the nature and tactics of today’s sophisticated digital identity fraudsters through industry-unique insights into crowd-level applicant behavior. Download the second report in the series, Emerging Trends in Bot Attacks, for data on new styles of bot blitzes.

Download our use case snapshot to learn:

  • Key findings from our analysis, including how short-term attacks can lead to long-term damage.
  • How probing attacks, ambient fraud, and other evolving fraud strategies can exploit loopholes in traditional fraud defenses.
  • A dashboard look at how NeuroID visualizes crowd-level applicant behavior, and how our behavioral analytics flagged fraudsters who were approved by other identity verification tools.

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