Seeing Digital Behavior

NeuroID’s Partner Program

Partner with NeuroID and put customers back in the customer journey

Seeing the digital behavior of your customers and prospects adds a layer of insight no legacy data provider can match.

See Fraud Earlier

See users immediately as they enter your application, especially fraudsters

See Risky Behavior

When users are not familiar with their own PII, that’s a problem that you’ll want to see

See Genuine Users

Identifying genuine users improves conversion

See Greater Profits

Add revenue streams and experience improved customer conversion

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Reseller Partnership

Leverage NeuroID products along with current technology portfolio offerings for a full set of solutions, co-branded or white label.

Technology Partnership

Combine NeuroID products with their own technology to provide a complete end-to-end solution, co-branded or white label.

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Digital Behavioral Data Enhances all Other Data

By combining NeuroID’s Digital Behavioral analytics to your current fraud or identity technology stack, your customers can see a complete picture of the current state of the user (digital behavior) and the historical information they provide. This allows your system to evaluate both the applicant and the applicant’s data before going through the onboarding verification waterfall process.

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