Emerging Trends in Fraud: The Fraudster’s Almanac

Emerging Trends in Fraud Series | Edition 3

Emerging Trends in Fraud: The Fraudster’s Almanac

Your Guide to Preparing for Seasonal Fraud Attack Patterns

83% of fraud professionals say that keeping up with the rapid evolution of today’s fraud styles is their biggest challenge.1

And it’s no wonder: fraudsters have no budget constraints, compliance requirements, nor approval processes holding them back from implementing new and nefarious tools. They can weaponize AI, machine learning, and any other new tech much faster than any legitimate businesses can keep up.

The key is to not try to keep up—but instead, get ahead through proactive fraud mitigation. In The Fraudster’s Almanac: Your Guide to Preparing for Seasonal Fraud Attack Patterns, we’ve performed extensive data analysis from our crowd-level fraud views to help you proactively prepare for the peaks and valleys of attacks. After reading this report, you’ll better understand and anticipate fraudsters’ dynamic attack styles and how they exploit the hidden vulnerabilities of your fraud stacks. And you’ll get real-life use cases on how your fraud peers have stopped them.

About the Research  

NeuroID’s rich fraud attack attempt data (drawn from our diverse customer pool of leading banks, emerging financial institutions, lenders, payment processors, insurers, consumer finance platforms, and more), enables us to view industry-agnostic third-party fraud trends that no one else can. For this report, we pulled from our data set of attack attempts and a year of fraud numbers across volume, velocity, intensity, attack style, and more to create a comprehensive and predictive calendar of fraud.

1. https://ismg.io/solutions/research/2023-faces-fraud-research-survey-results-report-pdf-7-w-12630/

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