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Online Lending

Learn How An Online Lender Boosted Conversions By 2-3X!

Online Lending

The Problem

It’s difficult to see a quality customer walk out the door, but that’s exactly what was happening for this online lender during a final bank verification step in their application. The sensitive, high friction point was causing 60 to 70% of their best customers to abandon the loan process.

The Solution

Neuro-ID worked with the organization to integrate its behavioral analytics behind their forms, to collect and translate high-fidelity, field-level behavioral metrics in real time. Neuro-ID’s technology enabled them to identify their best applicants, prior to any invasive verification measures, to apply a lighter touch, bypassing the point of friction, and fast track for conversion.

This unlocked the ability to personalize verification paths with a sharp lens into anomalous behavior and applicant intent, which helped them fight fraud while focusing on conversion and growth.

Neuro-ID’s real-time solution reduces unnecessary friction for our customers and helps me manage the activity of my loan advocates.

Top Online Lender
Chief Risk Officer

The Impact

Neuro-ID’s solution gave their client the confidence to pave a lower friction path for their best applicants:

  • Conversion rate nearly doubled, while remaining risk neutral
  • Realized ROI of 700+%
  • Dramatically improved customer experience

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