Coronavirus Forces Consumer Traffic Online. Are You Ready?

Coronavirus Forces Consumer Traffic Online. Are You Ready?

COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of digital transformation globally, forever changing the landscape of CX, digital risk, and fraud for financial, payments and insurance institutions. The ability to engage with prospects and clients in a digital environment has gone from a nice-to-have feature to a business-critical foundation overnight.

Without the luxury of face-to-face interaction, understanding the behaviors of prospects and clients as they engage with brands online will be the key to building short-term and long-term digital relationships. FIs need to ask themselves, “Do we have the behavioral insight we need to effectively optimize our digital CX and detect risky digital behavior?”

A recent article in The Financial Brand states,

…financial institutions are ill equipped for an instant migration to digital channels.

Most financial institutions are severely limiting their hours of operation for the walk-in public or closing their doors altogether, for a period of time. This could go on for months, according to some experts. This new scenario has FIs scrambling to shore up their online platforms for increased traffic, which brings up an important question: Is your digital platform instrumented with real-time analytics to help drive a good CX and reduce risk given the large influx of new customer engagements?

Only through capturing and understanding the digital body language of each visitor and gaining a complete understanding of the intentions of the customer can FI’s hope to create a pleasant customer experience and an environment that detects risky behavior. The unprecedented policies calling for “social distancing” and other controls, limiting the face-to-face type of interactions we’ve grown comfortable with, are forcing businesses to find new ways to engage. After the threat is gone, those FIs that created a great customer experience will continue to thrive while others will struggle.

Neuro-ID Can Help, Today

Neuro-ID’s Friction Index® is a behavioral analytics dashboard requiring only a simple JavaScript installation. This opens a whole new dimension of predictive insights to help CX, Fraud and Risk professionals optimize customer journey’s and verification processes. Displayed in an easy-to-understand dashboard, the Friction Index highlights each customer’s behaviors related to hesitation, frustration, indecision, as well as potential fraud and risk. Conversely, it indicates satisfaction, confidence and a positive customer experience.

Understand your customers, reduce risk, create a great CX. Want to learn more about this game-changing technology? Click here to schedule a demo.

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