Biometrics and Behavioral Analytics Explained

Biometrics and Behavioral Analytics Explained

From Myths to Mandates

The swift adoption of biometrics in fraud prevention has increased consumer and regulatory concerns over privacy, data security, scalability, and accuracy. It’s also caused confusion around what biometrics truly are, how they’re being regulated, and the stakes of non-compliance. As AI and machine learning evolve within biometric systems, the complexities are only increasing. 

In this in-depth white paper, we break down:

  • State-by-state biometrics laws (which cover 30% of the US population), including their scope, evolution, and potential for future reach.
  • The distinctiveness of biometric data, and why it’s not just another addition to your regulated data spectrum.
  • The shifting tides of consumer trust in biometrics, and how experts predict this will impact future regulations and restrictions on use.
  • How to better evaluate biometrics within your digital identity fraud stack for a strategy that aligns with your growth and regulators’ scrutiny.

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