Shield Your Business from Fraud: Meet NeuroID at NRF Protect!

Shield Your Business from Fraud: Meet NeuroID at NRF Protect!

As online shopping continues to proliferate, so does the risk of online fraud. Today, cybercriminals are exploiting both established and emerging weaknesses in digital retail systems. Two such threats that continue to cause significant damage are Guest Checkout Fraud and Account Creation Fraud. But worry not — NeuroID, a leader in behavioral analytics for fraud detection, has got your back.

Navigating the Minefield of Guest Checkout Fraud

The convenience of guest checkout on retail sites is undeniable — it allows swift transactions without the need for account creation. However, it’s this very convenience that fraudsters leverage for illicit activities. They use stolen credit card details to exploit guest checkout features, leaving minimal digital traces and making detection harder.

These fraudulent transactions can significantly impact businesses, both financially and in terms of reputation. But there’s a silver lining — NeuroID’s sophisticated technology that uses transaction data for real-time fraud detection.

Unraveling the Intricacies of Account Creation Fraud

Equally damaging is account creation fraud, where fraudsters create fake accounts using stolen or synthetic identities, add stolen or cloned credit cards, and execute fraudulent transactions. The consequences are severe — financial losses, increased chargebacks, eroded customer trust, and damaged brand reputation.

NeuroID, with its advanced behavioral analytics, provides an efficient and effective solution. By analyzing various data points and behaviors during the account creation and transaction processes, NeuroID identifies anomalies that suggest fraudulent intent and help you stop them in real-time.

Meet NeuroID at NRF Protect

We’ll be NRF Protect conference in Grapevine, Texas, from June 5-7. We’d love to discuss our approach to combatting guest checkout fFraud and account creation fraud. Our technology detects fraud in real-time, distinguishing genuine customers from fraudsters, ensuring a secure user experience and protecting your brand.

Don’t let fraudsters exploit your retail business. Fight back with NeuroID’s cutting-edge technology. Join us at NRF Protect to learn how NeuroID can elevate your fraud prevention strategy. Don’t miss the chance to meet us in person. Let’s unite for a safer digital retail landscape.

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