Putting Customers Back In The Customer Journey

Putting Customers Back In The Customer Journey

Somewhere along the way during the digital transformation era, the customer fell out of the customer journey. Just ask yourself, “Are our customers at the center of our digital transformation?” They should be.

Unfortunately, customers became a stat, a number, a conversion rate, or maybe just an account. We talk about sales funnels and marketing leads as though we are developing a spreadsheet that will create corporate profits and bonuses for all.

However, even after a decade or more into the digital transformation, conversion rates are still hovering in the single digits.

The Time is Right

Maybe it’s time to look at the root cause instead of the symptoms. Poor conversion is a symptom of a poor customer experience. Until we make the customer feel better about their journey on our site, the struggle for growth will continue.

According to a recent report, Customer Experience has risen to the top of business initiatives to drive digital transformation. We also see a clear trend, illustrating both the ROI and advantage of a CX focus, and the urgency for laggards to catch up. The time could not be better.

But shifting to be customer centric can be overwhelming. Where do you start? With Neuro-ID’s Friction Index, we’re providing brands with an easy point of entry that creates immediate value through actionable insight. Leveraging years of scientific research, the new visibility into the customer journey and the behaviors leading to both positive and negative outcomes creates a new foundation of awareness. It shines a light on the friction you can’t see by a conversion rate, and surfaces meaning for every single customer interaction.

The Friction Index enables brands to put the customer squarely at the center of digital transformation, right where they should be. Want to know more? Click Here.

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