Peter Andrious Joins Neuro-ID as Vice President of Solutions

Peter Andrious Joins Neuro-ID as Vice President of Solutions

May 1, 2021, Whitefish, MT – Neuro-ID announced today that Peter Andrious has joined the company to help advance its mission of unlocking the world’s behavioral data taking on the executive role of Vice President of Solutions.

Prior to joining Neuro-ID, Peter spent the last 15 years in Cybersecurity Sales Engineering leadership roles at RSA Security, including Vice President Global Pre-Sales. Peter earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Exeter and a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Bath, both in the United Kingdom.

“Unlocking the world’s behavioral data and helping customers realize the value that data can drive is a big mission. The talent that Peter brings with him and his years of experience working directly with customers at the enterprise level will go a long way in helping us accomplish our goal,” said Jack Alton, CEO at Neuro-ID. “Peter is top notch, and his enthusiasm, expertise, and leadership is a great addition to our team.”

Five Minutes With Peter

What Attracted You To Neuro-ID?

The people and the technology! It’s exciting to have the opportunity to join such a talented team that’s rapidly innovating technology to unlock digital behavior in a way that has never been done before. Neuro-ID is pioneering Behavior as a Service and I wanted to be part of the team that’s out in front educating the industry about the broad variety of use cases and business challenges it can apply to from maximizing online digital conversions and improving the consumer experience; too confidently identifying genuine vs fraudulent users.

With Your Extensive Experience, What Do You Hope To Contribute To Neuro-ID?

To truly unlock the value of the technology it must be applied to real world business challenges. I’m looking forward to helping Neuro-ID customers and prospects bridge the gap between their business challenges and the technology so that they can realize the value of understanding their consumers digital behavior and how to apply the insights we provide to their digital platforms, bringing them closer to their customers.

What Would You Consider To Be Your Proudest Professional Accomplishment?

At first glance that’s a tough question whether it’s successfully championing the voice of the customer to drive product innovation or improving internal efficiencies and success rates with PoCs and trials. But in the end it is always about the people and the team.

I’m proudest of always trying to be the type of leader that creates a culture and environment that empowers and enables employees to grow. Nothing tops that awesome feeling of seeing folks on your team go on to achieve their own personal career aspirations.

Your LinkedIn bio is very good but tell me something interesting about you that I won’t find on your LinkedIn profile.

I have always been very active and love watersports having grown up in a beach town on the South Coast of the UK. Most people don’t know that I owned and ran a Surf and Kitesurfing shop for two years. But if anyone wants to learn more about that you will have to call me.

Peter will head up Pre and Post Sales efforts along with Neuro-ID’s Customer Success team.

Welcome to the team, Peter!

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