If You Know What’s Coming, Prepare For It

If You Know What’s Coming, Prepare For It

One of my favorite quotes comes from transcendentalist, Henry David Thoreau.

When a dog runs at you, whistle for him.

There are many ways to translate this, but there’s a significant parallel between the impending dog encounter and the increasing wave of fraud we’re seeing, especially in the midst of the pandemic. If you know what’s coming, prepare for it.

It’s no surprise that experts agree, in 2021 fraud will continue its meteoric rise. Some forecast an increase of 80 to 90% across the digital space – hitting financial institutions, ecommerce, insurance and more. While daunting to consider, we think we’ve found a chink in fraud’s armor, by tapping into a source of customer intelligence to turn what could be a scary situation, into one of opportunity.

That source happens to be right at your fingertips…or rather, right at your customers’. I’m talking about behavior – how a customer or applicant types, taps and swipes, while interacting online. This behavior happening every day is a continuous flow of potential insight.

At Neuro-ID, we’ve been researching the interpretation of ‘digital body language’ for over a decade, pioneering solutions that benefit both businesses and customers alike. I guess you could say our technology predicts if that dog, or fraud potential, is harmless…or not. As a real-time signal, we can effectively derive the intent of the person (or bot!) behind the screen in a way historical data and current fraud tools cannot.

Having monitored more than 120 million customer journeys, we can connect specific behaviors to specific outcomes, even for first-time visitors. As companies struggle to achieve the performance they want out of an exhausted set of often incomplete and outdated customer data, Neuro-ID’s behavioral insight offers something powerful and new.

This explains why forward-thinking, innovative industry leaders have upgraded their technology stack with Neuro-ID’s Behavior-as-a-Service platform.

So when that next digital customer interacts with your brand, their behaviors will allow you to understand their intentions and state of mind in real time – to respond appropriately, whether they are friend or foe, with confidence. Instead of leaning on overtooled verification, clunky fraud rules and friction that turns away even your best customers…Neuro-ID can help you whistle, and match the right customer with the right experience.

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