Identiverse 2024: 3 Essential Sessions for Any Fraud Leader

Identiverse 2024: 3 Essential Sessions for Any Fraud Leader

What’s the real impact of genAI in fraud (and is it as scary as we’ve been warned?)? How are new real-time money rails impacting fraud? What regulatory changes have been the most surprising? Those are just some of the questions we’re answering at trade shows—and if you have similar questions, come look for the answers in Vegas next week at the NeuroID Identiverse booth #2321, where I’ll be with my fantastic colleagues. I’m looking forward to hearing more from industry leaders at Identiverse and discussing the challenges facing the identity space. With that in mind, here are three sessions I’m most excited to attend next week:

Session #1: Beyond the Surface: The Dark Side of Digital Identity

Ironwood Ballroom, Thursday, May 30, 9 am – 9:30 am

From the Identiverse Agenda: In 2024, the role of digital identity extends beyond its title. Its wide-reaching, ever-expanding duties have stretched security solutions thin, exposing vulnerabilities and inviting new threats like superpowered bots, high-volume credential stuffing attacks, and sophisticated synthetic identity fraud. In this panel, Ashish Jain, Chief Product Officer at Arkose Labs; Anuj Batra, VP of Product Management at Yahoo Inc.; and Manav Bhatia, Senior Manager of Account Integrity at Amazon will dissect these threats and the best defenses against them.

Why I’m Interested: Fraudsters and fraud prevention teams are racing each other to weaponize tools like genAI. It’s still unclear if either side has an advantage, but businesses are fielding attacks from all angles and worrying about the bottom-line impact. I’m looking forward to hearing what Ashish, Anuj, and Manav have to say about these emerging threats and how they believe fraud prevention teams can keep pace with evolving fraudsters.

Session #2: Data Sharing Using Verifiable Credentials in the Agricultural Sector

Joshua 5, Tuesday, May 28, 1 pm – 1:50 pm

From the Identiverse Agenda: Like those in many other industries, businesses in the agricultural sector have been tasked with meeting consumer needs while complying with new data regulations. Paul Ashley, Chief Technology Officer (Product & Development) at Anonyome Labs, will take a case study approach in this session, examining how a network of farmers and partners exchanged data in a verifiable data sharing project. Paul’s session focuses on the agricultural sector, but poses important questions for every industry. 

Why I’m Interested: The project Paul is highlighting here is intriguing. Heightened data compliance regulations and requirements are in no way exclusive to the agricultural sector, and this is something every business storing personal data is aware of and adapting to. Paul’s insights in this session may shed light on how banks, fintechs, credit unions, and other PII-handling businesses can meet their data compliance needs.

Session #3: Guardians of the Digital Estate: Navigating Identity Threats with Confidence

Joshua 8, Wednesday, May 29, 2 pm – 2:25 pm

From the Identiverse Agenda: Andrew Cameron, IT Fellow, Identity and Access Management at General Motors, describes Identity Access Management infrastructure as the “keys to the kingdom” in the description for his session and offers a look at how to protect IAM systems from determined bad actors. Andrew cites frequent data breaches as evidence that current solutions are falling behind and new defenses are needed to protect against attacks. 

Why I’m Interested: If GM, an automobile manufacturer that primarily transacts with dealerships rather than consumers, prioritizes implementing innovative solutions to protect customers’ data, shouldn’t your bank or fintech be doing the same? That’s my first thought as I prepare for this session. Andrew promises to provide guidance for both B2C and B2B infrastructures, and I’m excited to hear what solutions he proposes that can stop fraud without frustrating customers.

We’ll See You at Identiverse!

Identiverse has been circled on my team’s calendar for months. All the sessions I’ve highlighted (and beyond) have a common theme: fraudsters are evolving, regulations are rising, and businesses must adopt modern, innovative solutions to stay ahead. We’re extremely excited to chat with the identity experts joining us in Las Vegas about those very issues. If you’ll be at the show, I’d love to talk about these sessions or anything else on your mind next week—swing by booth #2321 or contact me to schedule a meeting. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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