Do Your CX Tools Show You What You Really Need To Know?

Do Your CX Tools Show You What You Really Need To Know?

If you can’t see what your customer is experiencing in real time, how are you going to make their experience better?

For most companies, conversion of a prospect or visitor to a paying customer is the measuring stick by which the customer experience is calculated. But how does that really explain the true customer experience?

If you’re like me, you’ve had plenty of frustrating interactions online, trudging your way through an account setup, a loan application, or a shopping cart checkout, somehow making it out the other side…barely. Sure, you converted into a sale, but were you really happy with the experience? Hardly. Would you recommend the brand to a friend? Maybe, maybe not.

My point is that today’s CX tools, while they do provide a high-level view of the journey, only scratch the surface of a customer’s experience. For CX teams tasked with improving a new account application, or customer journey, there’s not a lot to work with. The most popular method of improving a customers’ experience and create a better journey through the process is survey data. It’s a fact that most surveys are completed by very unhappy or very happy customers, not a lot in the middle for the everyday prospect. This incomplete, often misleading, after-the-fact data fails to provide clear insight to drive improvements.

What CX teams are looking for is a real-time measurement of each customer experience, while the customer is on their journey. That’s why we developed the Friction Index®. Unlike simple conversion tools, this next-generation analytics platform scientifically translates customer behavior into actionable intelligence; measuring, monitoring and explaining the friction between you and your customer, eliminating the guesswork and improving both CX and conversion.

Question by question, we help companies see the frustration, hesitation, confusion, and manipulation of answers occurring, in real-time, which lead to less than great customer experience. Conversely, we see the confidence, fluency, and effortless efficiency from positive experiences that are leading factors in elevated NPS scores. These are characteristics not seen in a conversion rate, and typically overlooked.

With a simple JavaScript installation, Neuro-ID is empowering companies with key insights and data so they can stop the guessing games and drive real, positive change in their customer experience strategy. Move beyond conversion and put the customer back in the customer experience. Interested in updating your CX analytics? Click Here.

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