Digital Customer Experience More Than Ever: And It Better Be Good

Digital Customer Experience More Than Ever: And It Better Be Good

In 2020, one thing is for sure, the global pandemic has forced every online merchant to speed up its efforts to create a better customer experience or be left behind.

For many in the boardroom, talk of creating a better customer experience through a digital transformation of their business was just that, talk. IT projects were considered, a Chief Customer Officer was recruited, and plans were set for some time in the near future. Then a microscopic virus changed everything.

When travel restrictions and lockdowns shuttered the doors of retailers and financial institutions back in March, consumers were forced online to buy necessities and conduct everyday business. This change brought the tsunami of current internet users along with millions of laggards to face the reality of a new way to live, work and recreate, online.


With this mass movement to online sources, customers are expecting to be greeted with a pleasant, simple, frictionless experience. If not, they will move on as fast as their fiber connection will allow them. Just because they have been redirected to the internet for their daily survival, doesn’t mean they have to put up with a poor customer experience.

Recently, in a TechCrunch article by Ron Miller, Miller points out,

Even though building a positive customer experience has never been completely about digital, at a time where it’s difficult to interact with customers in person, the digital side of it has taken new urgency. As COVID-19 took hold this year, businesses, large and small, suddenly realized the only way to connect to their customers was digitally. At that point, digital transformation became customer experience’s buddy when other ways of contacting one another have been severely limited.”

I think Miller is spot on. The ideal customer experience “has never been completely about digital,” it’s about connecting to the human on the other side of the digital screen. Digital transformation is the means by which companies connect with the customer, not the character of the connection.

Whether the consumer is an internet veteran or an online ‘newbie’, they have an expectation that the experience will be easy to understand, meet their needs and help them accomplish their goal in acquiring the product or service they want. While they may have been compelled out of necessity to move online, they are not so compelled to endure a poor experience. They have too many choices and the ease of going to another option is only a few clicks away.

That’s why we have been so passionate about helping businesses of all types create a better environment for their digital customers. Our real-time behavioral analytics provides a unique lens to detect and remove unseen friction in the customer journey. At the same time, it illuminates customer intent and fraud potential, to drive ‘friction right’ experiences, personalized to each customer. All the years we’ve spent in neuroscientific research – all the resulting products and methods we have developed – provide visibility and tools for our customers to put their customers back in the customer journey.

Want to learn how to unlock a new dimension of behavioral intelligence to understand and shape the customer journey, as it happens? Want to learn how Neuro-ID’s Human Analytics™ is helping companies connect with their customers in this new digital world?

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