Maximize the technology you already have.

You’ve invested in your fraud and identity stacks. NeuroID’s top-of-funnel behavioral insight enhances all other data and tools you’ve already purchased.


Proven results



of dollars saved in prevented fraud losses

World-leading experts



NeuroID leaders are the most cited behavioral experts in the world

Built by top financial companies



NeuroID has analyzed billions of data points over hundreds of millions of customer journeys.

Start identity verification even before users hit the submit button.

Pre-submit data enhances all other data

Even before a user presses submit on an application, behavior data can be measured by reading how an applicant inputs their information. This informs and enhances existing fraud stacks.

No PII stored

Personal information is increasingly compromised. NeuroID neither stores nor collects PII, and instead measures behavior—the characteristics of how someone inputs PII—to determine digital identity. Are they pulling from long-term memory? Or are they wholly unfamiliar with the information they have?

Optimize Genuine Conversion

Know when your world changes. ID Crowd Alert sends early warnings that the applicants on your site are displaying behaviors specific to fraud rings.

Detect fraud

ID Crowd Alert sends every user session ID that’s associated with an alert. Every risky identity, delivered on a silver plate.


Getting started is easy

Install the script

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Tag the fields

Simply tag the form fields to track and you’re ready to go. NeuroID only needs 6 fields to get your form tagged.

See the visualizations

You did it—now sit back, relax, and pre-screen digital identity at scale.

Products for teams of all sizes and levels

ID Crowd Alert

Crowd-level insights, fraud ring and bot detection, and alerting. Monitor the crowd at scale.

ID Orchestrator

Pre-screen each digital identity at scale. Session-level insights, smarter real-time decisioning, and customer journey analysis.