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Know when your world changes.

Get peace of mind and crowd-level customer insights with ID Crowd Alert.



Get fraud ring alerts

Fraud tactics are evolving. So should your tools.

When a fraudster poses as a legitimate applicant, ID Crowd Alert can tell. By monitoring the behavior of the crowd, ID Crowd Alert identifies fraud rings, BoTs, and shifts in risky behavior, so you’re never caught off guard.

See the crowd. Stay protected. Crisis averted.

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Crowd-Level Customer Insights

Visualize the behavior of the crowd. See your entire applicant pool segmented by risky, neutral, and genuine behavior.

Get insights like you’ve never seen before.

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Fraud rings evade detection by carefully planning out how Personal Identifiable Information is shared and used within an application. With ID Crowd Alert, that strategy does not work.


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We've helped our customers:

  • Stop $3M in fraud by flagging 1,500 low familiarity applications
  • Prevent $860K of losses during a 2-week fraud ring attack
  • Double their conversion rate by segmenting genuine customers resulting in $7.1M ROI
  • Realize $1M in additional annual revenue by routing genuine applicants appropriately 
  • Reduce their historical fraud rate by 35% when peers were seeing spikes in fraud due to COVID-19