PYMNTS: Behavioral Analytics Show Points Of CX Failure
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PYMNTS: Behavioral Analytics Show Points Of CX Failure latest article features our VP of Solutions, Peter Andrious, discussing how behavioral analytics show precisely where the online customer journey falls apart.

Some excerpts from the article, written by PYMNTS:

On lack of visibility around digital friction and related behavior, Andrious explained.

Many companies don’t have a great level of visibility into why customers act the way they do — or why so many good, genuine customers are turned away because they are deemed as risky or fraudulent. They may also not have visibility into the friction that exists across the online forms that must be filled out to get to the checkout page, where there may be a few fields, in particular, giving those consumers pause or agitation.”

Discussing the issue of false positives, Andrious added,

All of these things incur costs to the organization, especially when genuine users who are determined to complete the application get pushed to underwriting or offline review.”

He adds…

Behavioral analytics doesn’t rely on that historical static data, it evaluates every visitor to the site,” Andrious explained. “Every time they interact with your site, their actions during the customer journey open up a whole new look at their intentions … revealing, [for example], if they are confident or hesitant.”

Anyone can fill in the right data on the form, but showing how they got to the answer and how they filled in the form really tells a story.”

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