Neuro-ID Featured in TechCrunch, highlighting $35M Series B Funding
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Neuro-ID Featured in TechCrunch, highlighting $35M Series B Funding

Neuro-ID was featured, along with our CEO, Jack Alton, in an article by the TechCrunch titled, “Neuro-ID takes in fresh capital to combat fraud from all of our taps, types and swipes.” The article covered the benefits of Neuro-ID pioneering behavioral analytics, coined Human Analytics, as well as the recent completion of their $35M Series B Funding.

In the article, Walter Forehand, partner at Canapi Ventures, said:

This new view of customer behavior at scale opens up the ability to improve conversion to drive more revenue by fast-tracking good customers, become more sophisticated at measuring intent, and improve the design quality of their digital products, all while reducing fraud,” Forehand said. “What’s most exciting is that Neuro-ID’s technology is not only applicable to fintechs and banks, any industry that addresses high-volume digital and automated decisions could become a customer of Neuro-ID.”

View the article in its entirety HERE.

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