How it Works


Friction Free Install

  • Seamlessly sits behind existing online forms
  • Use case-specific score and attributes, delivered via API
  • Compliments your existing processes

Users vs Themselves

  • Does not collect any PII (Personally Identifiable Information)
  • Works with first time applicants
  • Interprets real-time digital body language

A behavioral lens to understand the 'now' of your customer


Actionable insight to improve the experience and your bottom line

Neuro-ID’s technology reveals previously undetectable insight around each digital interaction, extracting meaningful behavior in real time. This enhanced visibility illuminates new ways to improve user experiences, streamline internal processes, and enhance data-driven decisioning throughout the customer journey, leading to measurable bottom-line impact. Here’s how it works in 3-steps:

triple left monitors

Monitor In-Session Online Behavior

Hundreds of data points are collected in real time by tracking a customer’s movements and behavior during a meaningful digital interaction while filling out a form, submitting an application or responding to a survey.

triplet middle analyze

Analyze Data With Proprietary Technology

Leveraging proprietary neuro-cognitive research and real-time prescriptive analytics, the observed behavioral data is translated and visualized through the Friction Index® Platform to inform CX improvements and real-time decisioning.

triplet right scores

Deliver Scores & Attributes in Real Time

Designed to address myriad use cases around fraud and CX, our scores and behavioral attributes are delivered and applied in real-time to personalize the user experience and strengthen internal decision engines and risk models.


Unlock our Human Analytics™ Platform in 3 Simple Steps

Neuro-ID’s proprietary process — developed by analyzing over 200M customer journeys — will unlock deep customer insight that will permanently transform your digital onboarding.


Install the Script

Quickly and easily embed our patented tech behind your forms.


Access the Platform

Start viewing the real-time behavioral data you've never seen before.


Apply the Insight

Identify your genuine vs fraudulent customers and key points of friction.