Meet with NeuroID at MRC Vegas 2023

MRC Vegas 2023

Connect with us at MRC Vegas 2023

NeuroID will be at MRC Vegas from March 6th – 9th, 2023 at the Aria Resorts & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Translate human digital behavior into actionable insight to inform better decisions.

Human interactions have gone digital, making it extremely difficult to separate fraudulent activity from genuine users. This data is complex to analyze, and failing to understand it can lead to uninformed business decisions that could leave you and your organization exposed to attacks from fraudsters.

Introducing NeuroID’s Behavioral Analytics.

Fraudulent behavior is a continuous threat to businesses all over the world. With behavioral analytics, organizations can:

  • View Crowd Level Behavior: NeuroID’s dashboard gives insight into the traffic coming through your website’s checkout and/or account onboarding page; segmenting genuine and risky users based on familiarity with the data they use online.
  • Informed decision making: NeuroID collects behavioral insights before a user checks out or creates an account. We signal you in real time, enabling informed verification decisioning. Risky users are flagged and can be denied or routed to manual review.
  • Prevent Chargebacks: Stopping fraud before it takes place is key to reducing and eliminating chargebacks. NeuroID analyzes digital behavior by recognizing how familiar the user is with their PII. Fraudulent applicants are flagged, allowing business to make better decisions that ultimately lead to reduced chargebacks.

Heading to MRC Vegas 2023? Use the calendar to schedule some time with us to discuss NeuroID’s behavioral analytics solutions.

Won’t be attending the event?

If you’re interested in a demo, but you won’t be able to attend MRC Vegas 2023 or can’t find a time that fits your schedule, reach out to us so we can find a time that works for you.