Meet with with Neuro-ID at Lend360 Miami

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Connect with us in Miami

For deeper 1:1 conversations about how digital behavior can detect fraud rings, bots, and genuine customers, we’ll be on the expo floor at the JW Marriott in Miami, let’s talk.

Let’s talk

Have at least 1 really productive conversation in Miami.

Conferences are a great time, but if you want to make sure that it’s worth the cost of attendance, the quality of the conversation matters enormously.

At a minimum, NeuroID’s promise is that you’ll walk away from our time together with a greater understanding of how digital behavior can:

  1. Monitor the top of your funnel for fraud rings, bot attacks, and other risks
  2. Frictionlessly screen digital identity at scale with no PII
  3. Identify the genuine applicants and reduce false positives

If you enjoy our chat and you want to know more, we’ll be in touch. If not, we’ll part ways as friends.

Let’s make this time well spent.