Meet with NeuroID at eTail West 2023!

eTail West 2023

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NeuroID will be at eTail West from Feb. 27th to Mar. 3rd 2023 at the JW Marriott Desert Springs in Palm Springs.

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Be one of the first to demo our new product – Intent Detect!

Online shoppers expect a fast, streamlined shopping experience personalized to their needs. Existing conversion tools, chat bots, coupons and email capture tools aim to increase conversion, but what about timing? What if you could signal existing conversion tools to pop up when a customer actually needs them?

Introducing Intent Detect.

In the digital world, human interactions are difficult to translate. That’s why we’re excited to announce our newest behavioral solution for conversion called Intent Detect. We’d like to be the first to invite you to be a part of this product launch!

With Intent Detect, eCommerce retailers can:

  • Translate the digital behavior of your customers into segmented high-value personas.
  • Signal existing conversion tools when high-value personas are on your website
  • Analyze the impact of your triggered actions to better understand user personas, and allow you to re-market to your highest value consumers

Won’t be attending the event?

If you’re interested in a demo of Intent Detect, but you won’t be able to attend eTail West or can’t find a time that fits your schedule, reach out to us so we can find a time that works for you.