The Digital Identity Game Has Changed

Digital identity is the defining challenge of modern financial services. See applicant identity more clearly with Neuro-ID.

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Anatomy of a Fraud Ring Attack

Neuro-ID sees fraud ring attacks every day, across every industry. Here’s a breakdown of three recent large-scale fraud ring attacks we’ve detected: why they happened, what we saw, and how the victims fought back.

See What Happens When Fraud Rings Attack

Make Sense of Digital Behavior

Monitor the human emotions, motivations, behaviors, and attitudes behind digital visitor activity. Spot emerging threats such as fraud rings, bot attacks, and identity schemes, and easily distinguish between humans and bots. With 24/7 monitoring and alerts, you to act at digital speed to any change in-crowd, cohort, or individual behavior. 

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Act with Certainty

Interpret and act on digital body language data with confidence. Identify and measure problem areas like false declines, fraudulent customers, and more. Reduce unnecessary stumbling blocks in the customer experience by identifying key points of friction while stopping more fraud.  

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Identify Genuine vs Fraudulent Intent

Too many customers are being thrown into the fraud bucket. Segment good customer behavior vs bad (fraudulent) behavior to optimize fraud detection, reduce false positives and increase conversion of genuine customers.

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fraudulent behaviors

Maximize Digital Investments

Increase the value of your digital platforms. Minimize lost customer opportunities and increase genuine conversions while simultaneously reducing fraudulent conversions without guesswork. We help you strike the right balance, at scale, to drive both short- and long-term value.

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One Simple Integration, Multiple Solutions

Our developer-friendly, patented technology can be instantly added to any application where you want to monitor digital behavior. Keep getting better every day by infusing your digital investments – such as DX, CX, fraud, product and more -- with this new source of intelligence.


ID Crowd Alert

Monitor crowd identity

  • Crowd-level dashboard
  • Fraud ring alerts
  • Digital behavior notifications
  • 24/7 behavior monitoring

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ID Orchestrator

Pre-screen applicant identity

Includes ID Crowd Alert +
  • Session-level dashboard
  • Real-time API for seamless decisioning
  • Every session ID and associated behavior flag

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Putting the Customer Back in the Customer Journey

Make better decisions with better data – high-fidelity behavioral data. Visualized through the Human Analytics™ Platform and delivered through a real-time API.


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This is the new wave of digging into fraud.
Top 5 US Bank
Immediately after seeing the Friction Index® demo, I went to my CEO and Head of IT and said, "You guys have to see this."
Head of Product
Neuro-ID's Friction Index® has reduced historical fraud losses by 35%!
Chief Risk Officer - Intuit Quickbooks
We've been able to 2X our conversion rate without increasing bad debt!
Chief Risk Officer
Wow, I'm speechless. The Friction Index® is opening a whole new dimension of data that we need. For the first time I can behaviorally segment customers as genuine or risky.
Head of Credit

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We've helped our customers:

  • Stop $3M in fraud by flagging 1,500 low familiarity applications
  • Prevent $860K of losses during a 2-week fraud ring attack
  • Double their conversion rate by segmenting genuine customers resulting in $7.1M ROI
  • Realize $1M in additional annual revenue by routing genuine applicants appropriately 
  • Reduce their historical fraud rate by 35% when peers were seeing spikes in fraud due to COVID-19