Intent Detect
Analyze Behavior.
Reveal Intent Personas.

In-session behavior insights for e-commerce

Enrich Existing Conversion Tools

with Real-Time Behavioral Intent Personas

Engage visitors in-session.
Improve CX & remarketing.
Increase conversion.

Build behavioral intent personas

It’s way easier than it sounds.

Categorize Visitors

Sort visitors by behavior, not browsing history or 3rd party data.

  • Buyers deliberately navigate your site.
  • Shoppers explore and wander.
  • Disengaged visitors don’t engage with your site.
Enhance Marketing Tools
  • Maximize the value of your current marketing stack
  • Leverage out-of-the-box integrations with Hubspot and more
Trigger In-Session Actions and Remarketing
  • Use intent personas to trigger existing tools at the right time with behavioral context
  • Improve in-session first-party data capture and coupon offers
  • Enhance remarketing outreach

Buyers identified by Intent Detect are
>2x more likely to purchase
than other visitors

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Behavioral insights use no PII, 3rd-party cookies, or 3rd-party data.