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Our use case report on the threat of bots and why they’re especially damaging in scale and strategy: in early 2023, over a mere four-month period, 53% of NeuroID customers had an attempted bot attack. But what happens when genAI amplifies this threat? And what can you do to stay a step ahead?

According to NeuroID’s analysis of 2023 seasonal patterns and fraud styles, the springtime fraud spikes begin in March with a +44% increase in fraud attacks. May brings even more intense attacks, with a staggering +50% increase in attack volume. How can you prepare for this spring fraud boom?

When it launched in July 2023, FedNow was predicted to drive banks, payment processors, and services providers towards real-time money movement systems—whether they were ready or not. It’s been 6 months since launch—have those predictions of upending the financial landscape come true? And how has the fraud-fighting world been impacted?