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NeuroID is helping Alloy’s customers leverage user intention to catch fraud faster

Let us show you how.

NeuroID partnered with Alloy in 2021 to analyze applicant behavior and accurately detect patterns indicative of fraud rings, bots, identity theft, and synthetic identity usage. Integrated within the Alloy Identity Risk Solution, NeuroID Behavioral Analytics assesses users’ intent in real-time for sub-second decisioning on approve, deny, or review.

Alloy Customers Trust NeuroID to Stop Fraud Faster

Understanding our members’ behaviors, both genuine and malicious, is crucial. We are still in the early stages of leveraging this information, but NeuroID’s insights have already proved valuable.

-Robin Block, Jovia SVP Organizational Process Management

As an applicant inputs information into the form, NeuroID invisibly assesses their familiarity with that PII. By measuring the way a user interacts with a form field (website or mobile app), we can determine if the user is familiar with the PII entered or potential fraudster or bot.

Implementing NeuroID through Alloy is simple. Let’s talk about it.

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