Universal Value.

NeuroID’s technology helps organizations across multiple sectors uncover the full potential of their data by surfacing a new layer of behavioral intelligence.


Get immediate value across sectors on day 1

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NeuroID has both prevented fraud losses and unlocked growth for BNPL companies globally. Secure growth faster with NeuroID.

Online Lending


Passively secure your lending against fraud while growing account openings.

Banks and Credit Unions


Banks can stay ahead of a digital-first world without compromising on security.

Financial Platforms


Upgrade and enhance your platform with NeuroID. Contact us for partnership opportunities.

Give your platform an upgrade

Provide proactive protection and peace of mind to every member of your customer base. NeuroID has partnered with the world’s premier identity decisioning platforms who want to stay ahead in an rapidly evolving world.

From top-tier FI’s to fast-growing fintechs, NeuroID provides immediate, tangible value.

Every applicant is hard-won. A cumbersome identity verification process will deter genuine customers. But a relaxed approach will result in fake accounts, bad press, and inflated customer acquisition costs. NeuroID passively sits behind the application and monitors identity, keeping your business safe without an onerous identity verification flow for genuine customers.

Feel confident about your growth numbers

Genuine account openings

Growth without security is a mirage. How many of your account openings are bots? Which are tied to a fraud ring? Who are your most authentic customers? NeuroID answers these questions.

Detect bad actors

Applicants will tell you how familiar they are with their information, if you’re paying attention. NeuroID monitors this behavior and drives measurable business results, including decreased risk of being defrauded. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.