Nov 15, 2021

VentureBeat: Neuro-ID Tracks Behavioral Data To Help Boost Conversions

Neuro-ID was featured in a recent article by VentureBeat titled, “Neuro-ID tracks user behavioral data to help companies boost conversion.” The article covered Neuro-ID’s unique ability to measure user intent provide a valuable new view of the person behind the screen. It also covered Neuro-ID’s recent success in completing their $35M Series B funding round.

In the article, CEO, Jack Alton, differentiated Neuro-ID behavioral analytics for the security space, explaining:

Traditional behavioral analytics companies like NuData have used behavioral technology to do things like authenticate existing customers to prevent account takeovers by malicious actors. Neuro-ID is focused on tackling a much larger ‘conversion crisis’ that all digital organizations face.”

View the article in its entirety HERE.