The Anatomy of a Fraud Ring Report

Digital Identity Verification tools stay ahead of sophisticated fraud rings by measuring what can’t be faked: digital behavior.

NeuroID sees fraud ring attacks all the time, across every industry. They’re fast, frequent, and furtive, and the ringleaders know how to cover their tracks. While the type of fraud ring attack varies based on the target industry, the tell-tale signs are always there for those who know what to look for.

We’ve seen it all: and now we’ve collected our insights in the new Anatomy of a Fraud Ring Attack report, where our industry experts provide:

  • An analysis of 5 fraud ring attacks across 5 different digital industries, including a breakdown of who was targeted and why 
  • Background information and future predictions on evolving fraud ring styles and strategies
  • Investigations into how fraud rings choose their victims, and ways you can be prepared

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