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TransUnion and NeuroID will be at ITC Vegas from Tuesday, Sept. 20th to Thursday, Sept. 22nd, 2022 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

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At a minimum, NeuroID’s promise is that you’ll walk away from our 30 minutes together with a greater understanding of how to:

  1. Optimize your digital quote process with behavior
  2. Frictionlessly screen digital identity at scale
  3. Reduce data costs and customer data leakage

If those 30 minutes end and you want to know more, we’ll be in touch. If not, we’ll part ways as friends.

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Identify risk and prevent fraud for insurers with behavioral analytics.

By analyzing how data is inputted inform forms in real-time, behavioral analytics enable insurers to increase friction for risky applicants and fast-track legitimate applicants.

Reduce payment fraud
Auto insurer catches quote bots using behavior

A top online digital insurance provider caught nefarious bots crawling their site. These bots were trying to triangulate rates provided by the insurer.

Stop spending on bad actors

Segment genuine customers from bad actors before applicants even press submit. NeuroID’s behavioral analytics and real-time API inform decisioning for insurers, lenders, fintechs and FI’s.

NeuroID doesn’t use, store, or collect PII.

Fraudsters can’t steal data that isn’t there. Because personal information on applicants isn’t collected, NeuroID gives peace of mind to insurers and provides a new lens into who’s who. Most PII is compromised, but behavior is impossible to fake.