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Our Mission: Solve the Digitial Identity Crisis

We are committed to changing the course of the digital world by transforming the way companies detect and monitor their users' digital identities. Neuro-ID’s intent detection products, ID Crowd Alert, ID Orchestrator, and ID Attributes offer a new level of visibility never seen before into the intent and experience of every customer or prospect. We are bridging the gap between companies and the hidden emotions, behaviors, and attitudes of their customers in real-time so they can make better identity decisions.


Our Core Values



To each other. To the customer. To the data.

Business is Personal

We care. We work with people, not entities.

Enjoy the Journey

We celebrate the wins along the way.

Never Settle

We find a way to accomplish the task at hand.

Love and Amaze

Our Customers.

Human to Human in a Digital World

So, How Do We Do It?

about-humanize-hero-1170x660-1030x581-minWe start by recognizing that there is a human on the other end of every digital interaction. Our patented real-time behavioral analytics reconnect critical human elements that were lost as we’ve transitioned to a digital world. We leverage nearly a decade of scientific research and discovery combined with observing over one hundred billion real-time behavioral metrics to translate the Digital Body Language exhibited during an online interaction into a suite of actionable real-time scores.


Hard-Working, Smart People, Not Too Serious

Yes, we’re excited about our technology and making our customers the hero, but it’s the rolling up of sleeves, working on common goals, experimenting with new ideas and approaches and getting to do all that with a great team that makes it easy to come to work every day with a smile. Not a day goes by without a round of high fives, a great post on the internal “Win-Wire” a pat on the back, or, on big days, someone busting out a worm across the floor.


It's All About the Data

We get excited over data…yes, data. When an algorithmic model performs well, we cheer and celebrate the brains behind it, too. In a way, Neuro-ID is a perfect convergence of science, data and people. Like a good pizza, the combo works. We certainly mean business, but it’s the human engine (and powerful servers) that runs Neuro-ID. We value everyone, loving the unique characteristics and gifts we all bring to the table in this slice of life we call work.


Our Founders


Joe Valacich, PhD


Jeff Jenkins, PhD


Our Management Team

Jack Alton

Jack Alton


Forrest Hobbs

Chief Revenue Officer

Matthew Williamson

Chief Data Science Officer
Courtney Laabs

Courtney Laabs

COO / Head of Customer Success

David Broeckelman-Post

VP of Engineering

Zach Pitts

VP of Sales
Peter Andrious

Peter Andrious

VP of Solutions
Jeffrey Shu

Jeffrey Shu

VP of Finance & Strategy

Clay Bradley

VP of Strategic Accounts

Bill Oglesby

VP of Channel & Partnerships
Don Bush

Don Bush

VP of Marketing

June, aka "JuneBug"

Chief Tailwagger

Our Advisors

Kevin Moss

Kevin Moss

Former CRO at Sofi, EVP at Wells Fargo

Dave Boyce

Chief Strategy Officer at XANT, Board member at Forrester
Drew Lewis

Drew Lewis

SVP Business Operations at Kushki
David Montague

David Montague

SVP & GM of E-Commerce at Expedia Group

Jon Fetveit

Strategy & Finance