Uncover the intent and experience of every user through the lens of behavior. Detect sophisticated fraud, optimize conversion, and create a frictionless customer experience.

Use Cases

Monitor Digital Identity in the Crowd

Credit card issuer prevents $800K+ of losses during a 2-week fraud ring attack that bypassed existing fraud systems.

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Pre-Screen Digital Identity

Leading issuer was able to segment 43% of their population as genuine, enabling them to realize $1M in additional annual revenue by routing genuine applicants appropriately at top-of-funnel.

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Enhance KYC

Over the course of a year, Neuro-ID flagged $3M in fraud for a loan provider by identifying approximately 1,500 low familiarity applications at top-of-funnel.

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Detect Fraud Rings

Leading Buy-Now-Pay-Later flagged approx. 2,200 applications tied to Fraud Ring activity that would have otherwise bypassed existing fraud controls over the course of 3 months with ID Crowd Alert.

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Optimize Fraud Stack

Leading fintech payments provider reduced historical fraud rate by 35% at a time when peers were seeing spikes in fraud due to COVID-19.

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Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

By identifying genuine applicants, a leading issuer increased average revenue per user and thereby decreased the cost of customer acquisition.

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