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WEBINAR: Lending in Times of Uncertainty | Risk Revealed

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Our IFI Thought Leaders and Neuro-ID, our partner in translating digital customer behavior into real-time actionable intelligence, explore how to make sense of a market that has been turned upside down and balance supporting consumers in need of lending, while navigating the changing face of fraud and risk.

Here’s what we will discuss:

  • What are lenders communicating to consumers about fee waivers, rate changes and forbearance?
  • How are lenders changing their lending criteria during this difficult time?
  • Are lenders discontinuing some of their lending products to new customers?
  • How can you reduce risk when fraud is on the rise and applications are almost 100% digital?
  • How are lenders leveraging real-time behavioral insight to inform authentication and verification strategies around fraud and risk?

Listen to the webinar below or download the PDF here

Click HERE to listen to the webinar. 

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