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Neuro-ID's 2020 Year in Review

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We can all agree that 2020 has been 'one for the books,' especially as the world as we knew it changed with the rapid spread of Covid-19. Despite the new challenges, we at Neuro-ID stayed the course, progressing our technology and really had fun along way. To meet the needs of an accelerated digital transformation, we increased our pace and bolstered efforts to continue improving our Behavior-as-a-Service platform to help companies fight both fraud and friction. Here are some of the highlights from a year to remember, or for some, to forget.


As we go into 2021, we are proud of our accomplishments, thankful for the learnings along the way, and above all, grateful for the people that have contributed toward our mission. We remain optimistic and excited in this new year to continue focusing on bringing companies closer to their digital customers, in very human ways.

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