Monitor digital identity and bot attacks at scale

Save millions by detecting fraud rings. ID Crowd Alert™ reads and visualizes crowd-level behavior. Get alerted to fraud rings, bot attacks, and more.


How does ID Crowd Alert™ work?

See bot attacks coming with fraud ring alerts


Crowd-level identity visualizations

ID Crowd Alert monitors digital identity at scale. Simultaneously monitor the behavior of your applicants and see who’s for real—and who isn’t.

Behavior at a bird’s-eye view

Know when your world changes. ID Crowd Alert sends early warnings that the applicants on your site are displaying behaviors specific to fraud rings.

Get the data

ID Crowd Alert sends every user session ID that’s associated with an alert. Every risky identity, delivered on a silver plate.

ID Crowd Alert™ assesses point-in-time behavior across the entire applicant pool

Risky & Fraud Ring Behavior

There are specific things that fraud rings do that, when viewed through the lens of NeuroID’s technology, are clear giveaways that the would-be applicant is risky or worse—tied to a fraud ring.

Neutral Behavior

Not everyone who visits your site is a fraudster. Some of the applicants show a medium level of familiarity, which makes up the middle segment of neutral customers.

Genuine Behavior

These are your clearly genuine applicants. They are who they say they are, and have the behavior to back it up.

ID Crowd Alert™ prevents millions in fraud losses by measuring applicant behavior

ID Crowd Alert
Business Credit Card
Credit Card Issuing Fintech
Prevented more than $800k in fraud losses

A fraud ring attacked a high-growth fintech, forcing the outright decline of thousands of applications. NeuroID identified the bad actors by detecting fraud ring behavior.


You’ve never seen data like this.

Proactive protection for peace of mind.

As soon ID Crowd Alert™ is set up on your forms, your site, NeuroID’s patented behavioral protection begins monitoring your applicant pool. Available via Javascript for web or mobile SDK for mobile.

ID Crowd Alert™ offers truly one-of-a-kind visibility into fraud rings. Our proprietary models can identity behaviors tied specifically to fraud rings, and these users are highlighted in the ID Crowd Alert™ Dashboard.

ID Crowd Alert™ shows more than just fraud ring behavior. See the entire applicant pool, including how your genuine customers behave.