Stop Fraud Before it Starts

Gain critical visibility into anomalous behaviors indicative of potential fraud, in real time, with our Behavioral Fraud Attributes and Scores API


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Real-Time Fraud Demands A Real-Time Solution

Fraud happens in real time…so why do businesses rely on historic data to drive their fraud strategies? Neuro-ID’s real-time behavioral analytics operates from the heart of online interactions, surfacing unique and actionable insights, not found in traditional data sources.

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Unlock Value of Your Behavioral Data Starting on Day 1

  • Lightweight Javascript captures and translates customer behavior
  • API-delivered solution leverages actionable insight
  • Driven by science, proven through experience
  • Time-tested and tuned from monitoring nearly 200M customer journeys
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First-Party Fraud

Implement critical visibility, focused on anomalous behaviors related to self-reported income, employment and revenue.


Third-Party Fraud

In a world of compromised data and crime, our real-time behavioral analytics helps answer the question, “are you…you?”

"As the threat and probability of fraud increases, this tool is absolutely critical."

– Chief Risk Officer, Top Online Lender

Neuro Attributes for Fraud

Time-Tested Proprietary Behavioral Measurements

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Neuro-ID is dedicated to helping you:

  • Detect genuine vs fraudulent customers
  • Reduce friction and abandonment
  • Increase sales conversions