Reduce Friction By Understanding Your Customer's Digital Body Language

Detect the human experience behind every interaction by scientifically measuring the current levels of friction along every customer's journey



Reduce Unnecessary Stumbling Blocks in the Customer Experience

Using real-time data, identify key points of friction in your customers' journey to increase conversion and decrease abandonment.

 By translating digital body language in real-time, you can see, measure, and address the friction experienced by your customers with our proprietary Human Analytics™ Platform. 

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A Dashboard of Actionable Insights

CX initiatives are largely based on guesswork and ‘soft’ data from feedback surveys. Today, you need fact-based insight to understand online friction and patterns of behavior that could be hurting business.

Our Human Analytics™ Platform empowers your team to:

  • Measure friction on an aggregate and individual-session level
  • Pinpoint areas of friction, down to the specific input element
  • Improve and accelerate CX testing and optimization efforts
  • Understand the context of friction and related behavior

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"Between entry and submit, we were essentially blind. Now we can see."

– Chief Marketing Officer, Top Online Lender


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Neuro-ID is dedicated to helping you:

  • Detect genuine vs fraudulent customers
  • Reduce friction and abandonment
  • Increase sales conversions

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