Identify and Convert More Customers

Reveal customer insight for your entire digital team and increase conversions for your best customers



Maximize Genuine Customer Conversions

And Minimize Opportunities Lost to Potential Fraudsters

By segmenting your genuine customers from fraudulent ones you can:

  • Increase your conversion rates
  • Reduce false positives
  • Have fewer manual reviews

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Identify and Convert Customers While Sending Fraudsters Away

Understanding the patterns of a genuine customer opens a world of possibilities for increased conversion. Combined our customers have increased conversion by 200 percent and reduced historical fraud rates by 35 percent.

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"Neuro-ID opened our eyes to a large opportunity to increase revenue, taking on low fraud risk."

– Director, Fraud Strategy, Top Credit Card Issuer


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We've helped our customers:

  • Stop $3M in fraud by flagging 1,500 low familiarity applications
  • Prevent $860K of losses during a 2-week fraud ring attack
  • Double their conversion rate by segmenting genuine customers resulting in $7.1M ROI
  • Realize $1M in additional annual revenue by routing genuine applicants appropriately 
  • Reduce their historical fraud rate by 35% when peers were seeing spikes in fraud due to COVID-19